VDP004 – Yelpin 1

  • Region: Vayots Dzor
  • Coordinate: 39°48’3.70″N 45° 6’27.20″E
  • Altitude: 1449 meter a.s.l.
  • Site typology: cave complex, cave tomb, inhabited area
  • Dating: Urartu
  • Visitated on: 14-06-2016
  • Pottery finds: 18 fragment

The Yelpin 1 cave complex is located on a vast rock outcrop of 270-meters with development on the north-south axis, located within a valley at the southern edge of the modern village of Yelpin. On the south-west side of the rocky spur there is abundant presence of pottery on the surface and remains of masonry structures eroded by the passage of a small seasonal stream. Masonry structures in dry cyclopean technique emerge at various points of the spur. The rock structures are located in the southern part of it.


Images by Roberto Dan (ISMEO)

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